RAW Classic Connoisseur Disposable Vape Review

RAW Classic Connoisseur Disposable Vape Review

RAW Classic Connoisseur is a perfect combo pack for all your smoking needs. It contains both RAW Classic 1 1/4 Papers as well as high quality RAW Original Tips, conveniently held together by a natural rubber band in one package.

The papers are made vegan from unbleached plant fibers and use natural tree sap gumline. Their patented run-preventing watermark and slow even burn help set them apart from the rest.


RAW has done it again and produced a pack that will surely be every DIY roller’s perfect combo. This neat little packet contains a full pack of the Classic rolling papers as well as a stack of filters, all in one package! So you can be ready to roll on any occasion.

The RAW Connoisseur is made with the same paper as the Classic but in king size and also includes a booklet of pre-rolled RAW tips so you don’t have to worry about buying your own. The whole pack is held together in a unique outer sleeve and secured with a natural rubber band. This is a very convenient and easy to carry pack that can be used by anyone.

What makes these papers so special is the fact that they are unbleached and have a hybrid blend of natural fibers that give them a light brown color and are extremely thin. They are watermarked with a CrissCross pattern all over to help prevent runs and maintain a smooth even burning smoking experience. They also have a textured surface that gives them extra strength and the gumline is made with natural tree sap.


RAW Classic Connoisseur is a pack that contains all the necessary accessories to make the most out of your smoking experience. The package includes packs of natural unrefined CLASSIC King Size rolling papers with pre-rolled tips that act like a filter to keep tobacco and herbs from entering your mouth while you smoke. The tips also help you roll your joints with ease.

RAW paper is made of all-natural plant fibres without any chalk or ammonia dyes which makes them clean and pure for a high-quality smoking experience. These papers are ultra-thin and translucent giving the user a beautiful natural light brown colour and smooth slow burns every time. Their patented run-preventing watermarking and unique crisscross pattern also helps to avoid the possibility of runs while maintaining a consistent even burn.

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